• If you are one of the UK’s 5 million self-employed, sole traders or freelancers, you will already know how rewarding, flexible and exciting it can be.

  • However, you may have also experienced the demotivating isolation that can accompany working often with anti-social hours, or with limited support in a micro-business.

  • The struggle to network and connect with like-minded peers means that the fast growing self-employed workforce within the UK remains greatly disconnected.

  • NewWorkMates.com was started by a group of people who experienced first-hand the isolation of working alone or in a small business. We missed the human interaction and social life of a busy office, the lack of work mates to listen and help solve problems, and most importantly found it really difficult to find people to share and swop skills with to fulfil our  business ideas and projects. 
  • So we decided to create on online community that connects the self-employed nationally and locally, to help them grow their business and social networks. 
  • NewWorkMates.com is that community.
  • It’s just up to you to get things going.

  • REGISTER FOR FREE NOW to feel part of a skilled, vibrant, hard-working and social group of people!

The site is split into two forums, work and social, so you can switch easily between the two, alternating business matters and networking, with all-important social interaction and fun.

When you register, your basic data (postcode, business type, and social interests) will help populate the google map search facility.  Enter your postcode, or any postcode, in the social or business search box, select which business or social interests you are looking for, and then view the results to see just how many other self-employed live and work near you.   Communicate via the forum, or via Private Messaging (PM), and save members to ‘my network’ to build your local or national network of new work mates.





  • Join Forces or skill swap: Connect with other self-employed professionals to help grow your business. For example, if you are a freelance web designer join forces with an accountant, a PR specialist, a marketing consultant and an IT specialist, amongst others. You can recommend each other’s’ businesses and meet on a regular basis so that you support each other and share information from a business perspective.

  • Get Business advice:  ask the community members for their advice on any business problem you might have, whether it’s related to financial issues, employing other people, premises etc.
  • Network:  meet like-minded people who work in the same industry as you, and share your experiences or join forces.  Or maybe even find new business opportunities….