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Who uses NewWorkMates? 

NWM is an online networking and support community for the millions of UK self-employed or home workers.

How do I join NewWorkMates and what's in it for me? 

Joining NWM is free - you can join here. NWM is the country’s only joint business and social online network specifically aimed at the growing numbers of self-employed.  Designed to connect like-minded people locally, and nationally, to share ideas, ask for advice, join forces, or meet up socially.  You can stop feeling isolated, and start realising that there are thousands of people just like you working from home, or in small offices, that need support and a sense of belonging.

How Can I Search for Members? 

You can search for members from the homepage, or from the social or business forum pages.  Searching from the home page allows you to search for members by their business type, or by their social interests.  Use the search function to find members in your area that share similar social interests, or work in the same business.  Simply select options from the drop-down menu, enter a postcode and click the search button.  Results will populate in a google map as well as in a list of members that satisfy your search request.  PM them to ask about their self-employed business experience, or to set up a game of tennis, whichever suits your purpose!

What is PM? 

PM (or Private Messaging) is a service that allows one user to send a message to another. You can either PM via the search results page, by clicking on 'Connect Member' next to the member details retrieved by your search, OR, in the forum pages simply click on the screen name of the member you want to send a private message to (as oppose to replying via the forum). Please note that private messaging is NOT for journalists or market-researchers to contact NWM members. If you are a journalist or market researcher, and would like to canvass our member's opinions, please email us at contact@Newworkmates.com

I've changed email address: how do I update my registration? 

You can amend your registration details at any time by selecting the "Login” page.

I've forgotten my password 

Don't worry. As long as you know the email address you registered with, we can send you a link to reset your NWM password. At the login page, enter your email address and then click on forgot password and follow the steps to reset your password.

Using NWM Forums 

How do I post a message on the forums?
You need to be logged in before you can post in the forums.
At the top of each conversation (or "thread") on the forum there is an "add new post" box.
Type your message in.
When you have finished your message click the "submit" button.
Your screen redraws showing how your message will look. This gives you a chance to check your message is typed correctly.
If you want to make changes, click the 'edit' button, make them and click 'submit' again to refresh the preview.
Once you are happy with your message, click "Post Now".
It then goes up on the site and other members can see it.
If you can't remember your password, we can send you a reminder

How do I start a new conversation (thread) on the forums? 

Click on the link ‘Add a New Post’ and away you go.

Is there a quick way to find information on a specific topic? 

You can search the forums by keyword using the search box. Just enter the word(s) you want to find and click the search button

How do I change my screen name? 

Login to access your account, select 'Change Account Info' and simply change your screen name by typing in a new one where your old one is listed. Don't forget to save the changes. Please note that while we allow nickname changes for anonymity, we don't allow changes for malicious purposes.

How do I report a post on the forums? 

Reporting a post is easy. Click on 'Contact Us' on the home page and it will bring up a new box for you to let NWM know why you want to report it.

How do I delete a post from the Forums? 

You can't. NWM HQ are the only people who can authorise deletions from the Forums. To request that a post be deleted, please use the 'Contact Us' link on the bottom of the screen and someone from HQ will take a look.


How do I leave NewWorkMates? 

We are sorry to hear you want to leave us. You can close your account by emailing us at 'contact@NewWorkMates.com' and we will confirm removal of your registration details by return email.

My question isn't here, what should I do now? 

Drop us an email on contact@NewWorkMates.com and someone will get back to you very soon (we read every single email).